Now that all the rebooted covers have been revealed, it’s time to whet your appetite with some excerpts from the next book in the Hard Rock Harlots series, BANG, which releases October 17, 2017.

The set up: Jillian is watching her band, Killer Buzz Float from the side stage. Lead singer and Chief Executive Fuck-up, Letty Dillinger, is doing everything in her power to make Jillian’s butt cheeks clench. Because … Letty.

Hope you enjoy this excerpt from BANG!

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I shake my head and laugh under the roar of the crowd as Letty sidles up next to her man and executes a slide on his bass with her tongue. Jesus. She hoists the mic in the air with her rocker fist and commences head banging. Bright red hair lashes around her. Boobs bounce beneath the too-tight belly shirt. And of course, she can’t resist flashing the guys in the front row. Foot meets monitor; well-placed industrial fan blows skirt straight up. She pretends to be coy, rushing to cover the thong underneath, but she’s learned where the best angle is for ultimate blow-age. Crotch grinding against the breeze gets the audience riled up something fierce.

Letty points at a couple guys in the first row. “I see you perverts checking out my ShamWow and caboose.” Thrust, thrust. Slap! to the ass. Whistles follow. “Can I trust y’all to drive the Letty train to its final destination?”

Oh, shit. She better not—

Her arms part Jesus Christ-style, and she nods to the guys. They nod back eagerly. She takes the Nestea plunge into the audience. My heart catches in my throat, but the fans lift her up and pass her around. The crazy bitch doesn’t miss a beat. As the rest of the band converges on the last chorus, Letty gives the lyrics all she’s got, scream-singing like a Millennial Janis Joplin. Despite the jostling and hands all over her, she kills it. Jinx wraps the song with a mighty drum finale to the tune of Rax’s and Toombs’s dueling guitars, and the fans return Letty to the stage where she hops up unscathed.

So much trust required to give complete control of your body to someone else. I have serious respect for her. Wish I had the balls to let go like that. Maybe one day I’ll find another Siren who’ll show me how to submit unconditionally.

Because, now that the moment with Siren is long past and there’s no chance of getting it back, it’s all I think about. The thrill of relinquishing my body to someone I trust, and allowing her to do whatever the fuck she wants, eats at me every night I lie alone in my bed.

The grass is always greener …

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