October 14 2017

Wrecking Ball Rax

Are you a Hard Rock Harlots newsletter subscriber? I recently switched my mailing list service to MailerLite and will be deleting my old list in the next week or so. As a thank you to those who sign up for the new list, I’m giving away a FREE copy of my new Hard Rock Harlots B-Side: “Wrecking Ball Rax.” This is a short story (about 7,000 words) about Rax and Toombs that takes place before STRINGS on the HRH timeline. If you need some sizzling Rax and Toombs sex in your life, grab this NOW! Blurb is below. Hope you enjoy the new short story. Let me know what you think!

Wrecking Ball Rax coverEvery asshole has an origin story. Except for those who were born assholes.

Rax Wrathbone has an image problem, and he doesn’t give two fucks about it. Let the world think what it will. Rax is gonna do what Rax does best: feed (his alcohol addiction), fight (anything and everything in his way), and fuck (groupies, girlfriends, and occasionally his best friend Toombs).

When his “girlfriend” dubs him a wrecking ball that ruins everything he touches and promptly ditches him over rights to a song they both claim to own, Rax takes his frustrations out on Toombs, his bandmate and favorite punching bag. But in a drunken swirl of forbidden public sex, Rax learns that punching bags have a way of hitting back—especially when your head is turned and that son of a bitch clocks you in the face on the rebound.

☑ Alcohol addiction: FED

☑ Battle for stolen song: FOUGHT

☑ Submissive bandmate: FUCKED

☑ Emotional distance from said bandmate: Also FUCKED

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  1. By Darcy De Rose on

    Thanks Kendall for the freebie, and looking forward to your updated newsletter! Any chance of a new follow up book to the Just Breath series? Now THAT would be truly awesome….

    1. By Kendall Grey (Post author) on

      Hey, Darcy!

      Thanks for visiting and signing up.

      Funny you should ask about the Just Breathe books …

      I recently sent off the first book in The Librus Chronicles series to my editor. This is a spin-off from the JB books, and the first one features Sinnder and Hawthorne. I’m not sure yet when it will be out, but stay tuned to this web site, my Facebook page, and/or the newsletter for details. I’m SUPER excited about the series and love all the characters. SQUEEEEEE!

  2. By Dawn on

    You know I’m all about my boys. Let’s get it on, Rax and Toombs!

  3. By Jennifer Schaber on

    I’m guessing I’m signed up by picking up Wrecking Ball Rax? I know that I’ve read the Harlots before but they weren’t on my kindle & only 2 on my nook so I just picked them all up so I have them on 1 device. LOL! Passed this along to a friend, too. HAPPY RELEASE!

    1. By Kendall Grey (Post author) on

      Yes, Jennifer! If you got a copy of “Wrecking Ball Rax,” you should be signed up. Thanks for that, for picking up the books, and for sharing with friends! You’re AWESOME! <3

  4. By Denese Sweeney on

    This sounds so good. Can’t wait to read it. Thank you.

  5. By Regina on

    Hello! Will Rock and Bang be released to other retailers or forever on KU? Can the series be considered complete after Nocturnes? I purchased the first 3 on either Smashwords, Sony or Kobo so my format is different. I don’t like to have multiple libraries or apps to keep straight. I hope you consider realeasing to others at some point, even if just for a brief time.

    1. By Kendall Grey (Post author) on

      HEY, Regina!

      Thanks for that question. No, these books will NOT be in KU forever. I just dumped everything from Howling Mad Press in for three months to see if it will make a difference with sales. It was just an experiment, and they will be coming out soon, though BANG will be later than the others since it just released and must be enrolled for 3 months from the release date. I’m going to email you with more info. Thanks for your interest!

  6. By Pam Brooks on

    Please and thank you…I’d love to have you sign me into your new newsletter.

    P.S. – the new covers are VERY hot, though I will always treasure the originals!


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