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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 18

Two fantastic stops on today’s tour… My friend Pam Asberry posted a wonderful review of JUST BREATHE on her blog, Sometimes It’s Cloudy, Sometimes It’s Clear. She also linked up a vlog I did about Zoe Morgan’s Ephemera short story, LETTING GO. On the erotic side of life, the Trashy Writer herself, Amelia James, posted [...]

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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 11

Thanks to everyone who came to my Facebook party last night. Gah, it was so much fun, and a TON of people showed up. If you didn’t get to attend (or want to relive the fun), you can scroll back through the gory details here. ;-) Highlights included Alan Edwards’s explanation of how to make a [...]

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Vlog: JUST BREATHE Ephemera Series

A few readers have asked for more information about the JUST BREATHE Ephemera series. I recorded a vlog explaining where I got the ideas and what Ephmera is all about. I’m thinking about doing a vlog for each title, so if you have any questions about a specific short story or any of the characters, [...]

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Whale Vlog – Volume 4

I know you guys are sick to death of whales, so you’ll be happy to hear this is my last vlog for a while. The final topic for this series is humpback whale feeding. I pieced together several clips of a whole hell of a lot of whales pigging out on Stellwagen Bank, near Provincetown. [...]

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Whale Vlog – Volume 3

Today is my last full day in Gloucester. I’m sad to leave tomorrow, but at least I’ll take away some great memories and images to treasure for years to come. And I have one more whale watch this afternoon. Crossing my fingers in hopes of seeing Fulcrum, my favorite whale of all time. One of [...]

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Whale Vlog – Volume 2

Today’s vlog highlights little known whale facts and includes a short clip of a humpback whale breathing sequence. If you have questions you’d like me to answer, please leave them in the comments section below. Enjoy!

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Whale Vlog – Volume 1

It’s weeks like this that make me wish I’d gone into marine biology. Even though our boat had to return to harbor thirty minutes out due to 4 – 6 foot swells, yesterday was a great day. I attended a meeting with some of the boat interns and my fave naturalist in the whole world, [...]

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