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Giveaways, Sales, and Other Shit

There’s a TON of stuff happening, and it’s easier for me to put it all in one post than to write 15,093 spammy posts on Facebook. So, here’s everything that’s going on with me for anyone who gives a shit in the woods … Giveaways … I haz them. First, I’m trying to reach 10,000 [...]

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Saving the Whales

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how much I love whales. My first book series, the JUST BREATHE trilogy, is about whales, and I donate all profits from INHALE, EXHALE, and JUST BREATHE to programs that teach people about whales and the challenges they face. Today the International Court [...]


Huge-Ass $.99 SALE!

For one day only, some of the RockStarLit PR Authors have come together to bring you an awesome sale! Titles from Elle Chardou, Karla Doyle, Emma Grayson, Kendall Grey (<–THAT’S ME!), Sloan Johnson, Kimberly Knight, Emily Minton, Carly Phillips, LB Simmons, and Tara Sivec are all on sale for only 99¢! The titles and the links [...]

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Killer Buzz Float/Just Breathe Tour T-Shirt

I have a TON of signings coming up in 2014, so I thought it might be fun to create a “tour” T-shirt for those who plan to attend my events (or anyone who just likes Killer Buzz Float :-) ). The shirts are available at Teespring, and I have one week to sell 100 shirts. [...]


Cover Reveal: BURNING by Rachel Firasek

My good friend Rachel Firasek is at it again. Not only do we get to celebrate her birthday today (Say it with me now: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACHEL!”), but she also has a new book coming out soon, and therefore, a new AMAZING cover and blurb to share. Here you go: “Never say never.” Gabe James [...]

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Who Wants an Early E-book Copy of NOCTURNES?

So…NOCTURNES will be out soon. No, I haven’t posted a release date, but I can tell you it will be in early December. No, I haven’t released the book blurb because I don’t want anyone posting it without my permission. No, I’m not sending out ARCs for NOCTURNES or doing a blog tour to celebrate [...]

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Writers Helping Writers

Not sure about other writers, but when I first started out in this business, I was fucking CLUELESS. I did everything wrong. After a lot of trial and error and countless rejections from New York, I muddled my way to publication on my own. Made tons of mistakes. Hell, I still make tons of mistakes. [...]

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Last Chance to Grab JUST BREATHE Ephemera Series…

              I’m going to pull STIFLE, LETTING GO, DIRTY, and VEXXED from all publishing platforms at the end of this month. These four short stories accompany the JUST BREATHE Trilogy. I’m taking them down because I plan to do a boxed set of the books and the Ephemera shorts [...]

Sunday September 8th, 2013 in Announcements, Just Breathe Ephemera | 11 Comments »

Announcing the Birth of a Bouncing Baby BEATS…

Today I welcome my newest book baby to the Grey family. I named my dear, sweet child BEATS. She weighs in at 63,696 words, she’s about 248 pages long, and big sister STRINGS is very proud of her. After a long labor, this writer momma is exhausted but ecstatic to share BEATS with the world. [...]

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I finally put together a blurb for BEATS. I can’t believe this book is really happening! OMGoogle! Release date is dependent on how edits go, but it looks like I’m still on target for late August. [Update 7/29/13 4:00 pm EST] I’m going to tentatively say release date will be August 29, 2013. If anything [...]

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