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Kindle Fire Winner Announced

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped out with the JUST BREATHE Blog Tour, especially the lovely Mirely at Rumor Has It for organizing this monstrosity of AWESOMENESS. You can view the list of bloggers who participated here. Check out their stops and say hello if you haven’t already. There’s all kinds of goodness waiting to be devoured [...]

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Alternate JUST BREATHE Ending

If you haven’t read JUST BREATHE, thar be MAJOR spoilers ahead in this post. I’m giving you fair warning. Not kidding. Go away if you’re a spoiler hater! I can still see you. Okay, I’ll ramble a few minutes while you lurk. I had an opening today for the blog tour, so I thought I’d [...]

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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Days 21 – I’ve Lost Track…

I thought it would be easier to post all the upcoming tour dates in one place in case I don’t have Internet access while I’m away on vacation. I’ll be back on February 18 with an alternate ending for JUST BREATHE. :-) 2.9.13 Book Loving Mom Into the Night Book Reviews 2.10.13 Jodie Pierce’s Ink [...]

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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 20

Today I’m visiting with Delphina from Delphina Reads Too Much and Sonia Fogal at A Journey Through Words. Delphina was one of the first people to review INHALE, and she blew me away with her lovely comments. A seriously adore this chick! Her review of EXHALE is here. Today she hosts my vlog about Sinnder wherein [...]

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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 19

Visit me today at For the Love of Film and Novels, which features a vlog about my JUST BREATHE Ephemera short story LETTING GO. There are also several giveaways to enter. Also, I forgot to post this the other day, but the hot babes at TheSUBCLUBBooks are hosting a Love Parade for Valentine’s Day. Guess who’ll be [...]

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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 18

Two fantastic stops on today’s tour… My friend Pam Asberry posted a wonderful review of JUST BREATHE on her blog, Sometimes It’s Cloudy, Sometimes It’s Clear. She also linked up a vlog I did about Zoe Morgan’s Ephemera short story, LETTING GO. On the erotic side of life, the Trashy Writer herself, Amelia James, posted [...]

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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 17

Unabridged Bookshelf put up a great review of INHALE today, and she’s also got a couple of giveaways posted. FYI, if you haven’t downloaded your free copy of INHALE yet, you might want to grab it on Amazon now. I returned the price to $3.99 a week ago, but Amazon hasn’t figured it out yet. Be [...]

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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 16

Writers, today I’m at Laura Howard’s blog, Finding Bliss, talking about how to survive your first draft. Stop by and say hello!

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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 15

Today Laura Diamond, Lucid Dreamer shares her thoughts about the JUST BREATHE Ephemera short stories and also highlights her JUST BREATHE dream cast, including Johnny Depp. Swoon! Mandy at I Read Indie posted a Kendall Grey Top Ten List of random things. Don’t forget to enter the giveaways down at the bottom. :-) Thanks for [...]


JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 14

Theresa at Fade into Fantasy posted some fun quotes from the JUST BREATHE Trilogy, and the characters responded with interesting commentary. Check out what they had to say about some of readers’ fave lines from the series. :-) Danielle at Consuming Worlds quizzes Gavin about his music and squeezes some song lyrics out of him. [...]

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