JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 20

Today I’m visiting with Delphina from Delphina Reads Too Much and Sonia Fogal at A Journey Through Words.

Delphina was one of the first people to review INHALE, and she blew me away with her lovely comments. A seriously adore this chick! Her review of EXHALE is here. Today she hosts my vlog about Sinnder wherein I go off and gush a lot. ;-)

Sonia posted a few songs from her JUST BREATHE playlist. Check out Sonia’s reviews of  INHALE and EXHALE too!

I’m off to Maui today for a week of whale watching with my family. I’ll have limited access to the Interwebs, email, and social networks, so if you’re looking for me and don’t get a response, I’m not being a douche and ignoring you. I’m just hanging with my whales. Pics to prove it are coming soon. :-)


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