Kindle Fire Winner Announced

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped out with the JUST BREATHE Blog Tour, especially the lovely Mirely at Rumor Has It for organizing this monstrosity of AWESOMENESS. You can view the list of bloggers who participated here. Check out their stops and say hello if you haven’t already. There’s all kinds of goodness waiting to be devoured on these blogs.

I’m guessing if you’re here, you’re wondering whether you won either the Cetacean Research Network care package or the Kindle Fire HD (or $199 PayPal transfer). I won’t keep you waiting.

The CRN care package contains a Cetacean Research Network T-shirt; CRN tote bag; signed INHALE, EXHALE, JUST BREATHE, STIFLE, LETTING GO, DIRTY, and VEXXED post cards; a special edition INHALE USB drive (includes ARC of the book, my whale video, and the INHALE book trailer); a signed INHALE paperback; a signed EXHALE paperback; blue whale coffee mug; Scarlet’s Chai; Zoe’s fave brew; Sinnder’s Ginger Snaps; and Gavin and Yileen’s Tim Tams. Congratulations to…

Emily Wells!


And for the big one…The winner of an ebook of JUST BREATHE and the 16 GB Kindle HD OR $199 PayPal transfer is…

Diane U!

Congrats to both winners, and thanks to EVERYONE who entered these giveaways. By entering, Tweeting, and pimping, you helped increase book sales for the whales. You deserve a pat on the back. THANK YOU!


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