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Kindle Fire Winner Announced

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped out with the JUST BREATHE Blog Tour, especially¬†the lovely Mirely at Rumor Has It for organizing this monstrosity of AWESOMENESS. You can view the list of bloggers who participated here. Check out their stops and say hello if you haven’t already. There’s all kinds of goodness waiting to be devoured [...]


Blogging from A – Z: Cetacean Research Network

Cetacean Research Network¬†is the fictional organization Dr. Zoe Morgan works for in the JUST BREATHE trilogy. Its mission is “to protect whales and dolphins across the globe through science and research.” Zoe has worked as a whale researcher for CRN for many years under the watchful eye of Dr. Randy Heller — her boss, CRN’s [...]

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INHALE Paperback Winner & Cetacean Research Network

Thanks to all who entered, Tweeted, Facebooked, and generally pimped my INHALE paperback giveaway this week! It’s time to announce the winner… Amelia James, come on down! Rafflecopter has named you the winner of a brand-new shiny copy of INHALE! Congrats, girlie! If you’ll email your snail mail addy to kendall (at) kendallgrey (dot) com, [...]

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Q & A with Dr. Randy Heller, President of Cetacean Research Network

1. You’ve been a college professor, a whale researcher, and founded the Cetacean Research Network in 2001. Which has been your biggest professional challenge to date? They’re all challenging in different ways. Teaching was really difficult because it kept me from being out on the ocean, in the field. I enjoyed it, but after years [...]

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