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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 18

Two fantastic stops on today’s tour… My friend Pam Asberry posted a wonderful review of JUST BREATHE on her blog, Sometimes It’s Cloudy, Sometimes It’s Clear. She also linked up a vlog I did about Zoe Morgan’s Ephemera short story, LETTING GO. On the erotic side of life, the Trashy Writer herself, Amelia James, posted [...]



I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m writing again. I’m supposed to be working on my JUST BREATHE blog tour (have you signed up yet?) vlogs and character interviews, but Sinnder just wouldn’t leave me alone this weekend. I must admit, he feels really good inside my brain. He does things to it. ;-) Writing a [...]

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Let’s Get DIRTY! And a JUST BREATHE Snippet

For those who’ve read EXHALE, you may remember an Erthe Elemental named Jet Hawthorne who did that thing at the end of the book. Jet holds a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons. Some of you have asked about her developing relationship with a certain disgustingly hot and enigmatic Fyre Elemental [...]

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Happy Birthday to YOU

August 8 is my birthday. I’m not a fan of birthdays. They pretty much suck when you get to be my age. But I LOVE giving other people presents. So, in celebration of my Old Fart Day, I’m gifting interested readers a copy my new short,¬†LETTING GO, and/or my erotica short, STIFLE. Both are part [...]

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Blogging from A – Z: Scarlet & Sinnder

Villains. Every story has them. Some, you love to hate, and others you just plain hate. Their goal is to eff with the protagonists in the worst way possible. Such is true with Scarlet, our featured villainess and resident bitch in the JUST BREATHE trilogy. Scarlet is a Fyre Elemental who wants two things: power, [...]

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Assisted Book Wanking –>HERE<–

Got a book-related itch you need to scratch? Want to pimp your published or unpublished novel to a bunch of creepy wankers dying to rub a book out? Mais, oui? You have come to the right den of debauchery. In the comments section below, I want you to pimp your novel. Pimp it hard and [...]

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