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Ghosts 3DUnder the blazing cover of a post-nuclear, technology-crippled world, Sarah Coolidge is an expert at being neither seen nor heard.

She was an afterthought to her abusive parents.

She’s invisible to the criminals she works with.

And she’ll soon be the death-dealing ghost her enemies never see coming—if she can just shake loose the one person who does see her.

The one who could ruin her.

The one who gives her a reason to live.

GHOSTS was originally published as a web-based serial. Act I features forty-two episodes of exactly 500 words (by Microsoft Word’s count) each. In Act II, the episode lengths vary–500, 1,000, or 1,500 words apiece. Act III is a free-for-all. 😉

Below are custom-created images for 91 of the 94 episodes in the serial. GHOSTS is no longer available in ebook, but you can pick up a signed paperback directly from me here. Thanks for your interest!



Act I

Act I, Episode 1: “Ghost”

Act I, Episode 2: “Angel”

Act I, Episode 3: “Blue Cheese”

Act I, Episode 4: “Vampire”

Act I, Episode 5: “Sanguine”

Act I, Episode 6: “Sentence”

Act I, Episode 7: “New Girl”

Act I, Episode 8: “Silence Sneaks up on You”

Act I, Episode 9: “Lucky Seven”

Act I, Episode 10: “Chokeman”

Act I, Episode 11: “Guts”

Act I, Episode 12: “This Is Different”

Act I, Episode 13: “Rabies”

Act I, Episode 14: “I Didn’t See Nothin'”

Act I, Episode 15: “Surprise Party”

Act I, Episode 16: “Large, Medium, and Small”

Act I, Episode 17: “Forgiveness”

Act I, Episode 18: “Processing”

Act I, Episode 19: “Sanctuary”

Act I, Episode 20: “KCl”

Act I, Episode 21: “Moon-a Luna Lune”

Act I, Episode 22: “Welcome to Arrendale”

Act I, Episode 23: “How Do You Plead?”

Act I, Episode 24: “Training Day”

Act I, Episode 25: “A Visit from the Law”

Act I, Episode 26: “Appeal”

Act I, Episode 27: “Off to Torture School”

Act I, Episode 28: “Hotter Than Hades”

Act I, Episode 29: “CME Day”

Act I, Episode 30: “Plotting”

Act I, Episode 31: “Grim Reaper”

Act I, Episode 32: “Does It Hurt?”

Act I, Episode 33: “Squad Justice”

Act I, Episode 34: “Why’d You Do It?”

Act I, Episode 35: “Liberty Lane”

Act I, Episode 36: “Ambush”

Act I, Episode 37: “Desegregation”

Act I, Episode 38: “Best Friends”

Act I, Episode 39: “These Boots Are Made for Walking”

Act I, Episode 40: “Patriotism”

Act I, Episode 41: “Perfect Soldier”

Act I, Episode 42: “Moving Day”

Act II

Act II, Episode 43: “The Cube”

Act II, Episode 44: “Settling In”

Act II, Episode 45: “Reunion”

Act II, Episode 46: “Dreams and Nightmares”

Act II, Episode 47: “Yin-Yang”

Act II, Episode 48: “Back to the Cellar”

Act II, Episode 49: “Bugs”

Act II, Episode 50: “Recovery”

Act II, Episode 51: “Cold-Blooded Killer”

Act II, Episode 52: “Buzz Therapy”

Act II, Episode 53: “Fragile: Handle with Care”

Act II, Episode 54: “Consequences”

Act II, Episode 55: “Hell to Pay”

Act II, Episode 56: “Scratch”

Act II, Episode 57: “The First Mission”

Act II, Episode 58: “I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)”

Act II, Episode 59: “Sweet Pea”

Act II, Episode 60: “Mess”

Act II, Episode 61: “52 Hz”

Act II, Episode 62: “My First Vacation”

Act II, Episode 63: “The Pull”

Act II, Episode 64: “Mercury”

Act II, Episode 65: “Retreat”

Act II, Episode 66: “Betrayal”

Act II, Episode 67: “Home”

Act II, Episode 68: “Worker Bee”

Act II, Episode 69: “Zeroes and Ones”

Act II, Episode 70: “WANTED”

Act II, Episode 71: “Fan”

Act II, Episode 72: “Inspection”

Act II, Episode 73: “Blackjack”

Act II, Episode 74: “Communion”

Act II, Episode 75: “Promises, Promises”

Act II, Episode 76: “All-You-Can-Eat Bullshit Buffet”

Act II, Episode 77: “Calm Before the Storm”

Act II, Episode 78: “Principal’s Office”

Act II, Episode 79: “This Is for You”

Act II, Episode 80: “Ultimatum”

Act II, Episode 81: “Easy or Hard?”

Act II, Episode 82: “False Hope”



Act III, Episode 83: “Everyone Deserves to Be Known”

Act III, Episode 84: “Blow-Up”

Act III, Episode 85: “Rollin'”

Act III, Episode 86: “Rescue”

Act III, Episode 87: “The Killer in Me”

Act III, Episode 88: “Good Hunting”

Act III, Episode 89: “Freedom”

Act III, Episode 90: “Goodnight”

Act III, Episode 91: “Thank You”

* All stock photos for GHOSTS promos were purchased through, and Kendall Grey made all of the promotional pictures.


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