May 3 2018


FALLING FOR MR. SLATERMy latest romantic comedy by Kendall Day will hit the shelves on May 23. Here’s the blurb for FALLING FOR MR. SLATER:

This job can suck it.

After teaching eighth grade gifted language arts for years, I’m being moved to remedial sixth grade science.

New team. New subject. New everything.

Oh, and did I mention “science” now includes sex ed? Some of these kids—like that hellion Roxie Rambling, who, a decade later, still holds the title of My Worst Student Ever—probably know more about sex than me, and I’m an expert on the subject.

To add insult to injury, I’ve been assigned an intern from the local college. I need to focus on winning Teacher of the Year, not waste my charm, wit, and ruggedly handsome looks on coddling some bimbo playing teacher.

Just when it can’t possibly get worse, a twenty-one-year-old, hot-as-hell Roxie Rambling darkens my door, wearing a red mini skirt, four-inch heels, and an ID that reads “Student Teacher.”

So long, Teacher of the Year. Hello, trouble—in the classroom and in my pants.

Stay tuned next week for a sneak peek at the first chapter. In the meantime, you can check out some great reviews and/or add FALLING FOR MR. SLATER to Goodreads here. While you’re at it, be sure to give Kendall Day a follow on Facebook. If you’re feeling the need to one-click, the book is available for pre-order* on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play for only $2.99. The price will go up shortly after release day on May 23.

* No Amazon pre-order.

February 15 2018

Cover Reveal for CAKE by Carmen Jenner

CAKE, an all-new romantic and hilarious standalone from my dear friend and USA Today bestselling author Carmen Jenner is coming March 1st! Just look at this adorable cover! 😍

Title: Cake

Author: Carmen Jenner

Genre: Rom-com

Cover Design: Ben Ellis, Be Designs

Illustration: Yehuda Devir

Release Date: March 1, 2018

Poppy Porter’s ex is getting married … to her ex-best friend. To land her dream job of partner in the most prestigious firm on the Upper East Side, Poppy must now pull double shifts as their wedding planner and maid of honor. And the icing on a truly craptastic cake? Leo Nass. Handsome, infuriating, womanizer, and … the best man. Despite their longstanding loathing, Poppy doesn’t see Leo coming. Literally.

One ruined cake.

One archnemesis.

One hour to save the wedding.

Can they put their hatred aside long enough to save Poppy’s job and Bridezilla’s head from exploding?

Piece of cake, right?

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About Carmen:

Carmen Jenner is a thirty-something, USA Today and international bestselling author.

Her dark romance, KICK (Savage Saints MC #1), won Best Dark Romance Read in the Reader’s Choice Awards at RWDU, 2015.

A tattoo enthusiast, hardcore makeup addict and zombie fangirl, Carmen lives on the sunny North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, where she spends her time indoors wrangling her two wildling children, a dog named Pikelet, and her very own man-child.

A romantic at heart, Carmen strives to give her characters the HEA they deserve, but not before ruining their lives completely first … because what’s a happily ever after without a little torture?

Connect with Carmen:







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