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BAD BLOOD by Ginny Lurcock is LIVE!

My friend Ginny Lurcock has a new book out called BAD BLOOD, now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Check out the blurb: High school senior Victoria “Tori” Reeve has it pretty good. She’s rich, she’s smart, and she’s popular. What more could a girl ask for? Sure, she’s a little lonely, what with [...]

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UNSPUN Cover Reveals

<<<Blogging from A – Z Challenge will resume tomorrow>>> My friend Rachel Firasek is so sneaky. An author of several kickass books, Rachel is one of the busiest people I know. The problem is, she never tells me what exactly she’s working on. Secret projects…gotta love them. :-) When she sent me a peek into [...]

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Novel Pimpage Day!

It’s release day here in the U.S.! Entangled Publishing celebrates its opening today, and I know a lot of authors out there who have brand new shiny bookie things they want to pimp out to the hungry, salivating masses. So let’s give ‘em what they want: books! Here are the rules of pimping: Post your book [...]

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Interview: Author Patricia C. Lee

Welcome debut author, Patricia C. Lee! 1. Congratulations on the release of DESTINY’S PAST. How does it feel to be the proud mother of a published novel? Have I told you I’m jealous? ;-) Thanks, Kendall. After five months of hard labour, I just wanted to get the baby out. According to other people who [...]

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VampLure Goes Live!

Some of you Twitterites know the talented and hilarious Keyboard Hussy, Evelyn Lafont. For those unfortunates who don’t, she wrote a kickass book called The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating, and today the book’s supporting web site,, goes live. You need to check this monthly e-zine for vampires out. Whether you’re [...]

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Assisted Book Wanking –>HERE<–

Got a book-related itch you need to scratch? Want to pimp your published or unpublished novel to a bunch of creepy wankers dying to rub a book out? Mais, oui? You have come to the right den of debauchery. In the comments section below, I want you to pimp your novel. Pimp it hard and [...]

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