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JUST BREATHE Blog Tour: Day 17

Unabridged Bookshelf put up a great review of INHALE today, and she’s also got a couple of giveaways posted. FYI, if you haven’t downloaded your free copy of INHALE yet, you might want to grab it on Amazon now. I returned the price to $3.99 a week ago, but Amazon hasn’t figured it out yet. Be [...]

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The LOOK Challenge

If you’re in the Atlanta area, I’ll be at the Decatur Book Festival all day tomorrow and will probably pop in for a bit on Sunday. Paperback copies of INHALE and EXHALE will be available for purchase (Only $10 each – regular price is $15.99!), and I’ll be signing at the Emerging Authors Stage on Saturday from [...]


Out of Body Experiences

When I was a kid, I used to totally zone out in the most random situations. It was the strangest feeling. Almost like my mind separated from my body. It wasn’t like floating and looking down at myself. More like I was someone else — someone “foreign” — seeing the world through a human body [...]


So It Begins…

Thanks to Lynn Rush for hanging with me last week. If you missed our collaborative foray into alternative interviews, you can read about how Beka Abbott from WASTELAND met Dr. Zoe Morgan from my JUST BREATHE trilogy here. Congratulations to Brinda Berry, who won the signed copy of WASTELAND. On the blog this Wednesday, Rebecca [...]

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To Short Story or Not to Short Story?

Some say it’s good to put out short stories before you release a book because it generates buzz. A couple of my short stories are scheduled to appear in upcoming anthologies. One takes place in the Urban Fantasy world I created for the JUST BREATHE trilogy, and the other is completely separate. While both of [...]

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